What We Do

Artistic Programs include:lemonaidstand

  • Saving Shaw School – The Film, 2016 (Howard University’s Master Director Course)
  • The World is My Oyster Series, 2015 (The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum)
  • Passing It On – Where Eagles Fly, 2014 (Teacher/Student Study Guide)
  • Malcolm, Martin and Medgar, 2014 (DC Public Library Reading Series)
  • The Lemonade Stand, 2013 (DC Public Library Series)
  • I Just Want To Tell Somebody, 2011 (Woolly Mammoth Theater)
  • The Lemonade Stand, 2010 (The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)
  • Shaw Performing Arts Group

Educational Programs include:

  • Saving Shaw School – eLearning Tool
  • Technology Serving the Arts
  • Shaw Entrepreneurship Program
  • Shaw Job Training Evening Academy
  • TTT Cable Installation Training
  • Negotiating Techniques for Youth

About the E-Learning Tool

The “Interactive Web-Based Historical Program –Saving Shaw School” eLearning course and mobile application.

This interactive experience overlays didactic and open-ended questions to prompt students to think critically about the themes and characters in the film “Saving Shaw School” by Carole Mumin as they relate to current events in the Shaw Neighborhood. Instructional methods from the Common Core State Standards in accordance with DC Public School Standards is also be incorporated.  The educational program is available for free to teachers and public libraries. This project is designed to educate middle and high school students; to preserve and celebrate Shaw Junior High School’s history, legacy, and culture; and to nurture the importance of education to a neighborhood, a city, and its people.

OFTON, in partnership with UTR (United To Rise) Community Center, presents “The Lemonade Stand”, an acclaimed live-theater hands-on production. The play offers youth valuable lessons: Importance of getting agreements in writing and how to use nonviolence in conflict resolution.



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