Who We Are

The Organization for Training Others in Need (OFTON) is an award winning Washington, D.C. based nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Founded in 1992, OFTON’s mission is to provide programs and activities that encourage diverse artistic expression so that all citizens can experience the rich history and culture of America.

By offering progressive family-oriented educational and entertainment products, OFTON implements its mission. OFTON stages readings and full productions of plays written by or about African-Americans such as The Meeting, 1001 Black Inventions, Ghosts, Bogeymen and the Present, and its award-winning flagship production Where Eagles Fly which chronicles the rich history of the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, OFTON helps improve the economic and social status of disadvantaged youth and adults by providing training, counseling, coaching, and media organization to youth and adults. OFTON’s job readiness and life skills programs offer comprehensive professional and personal development workshops designed to strengthen academic, vocational/technical and social skills.

OFTON Board Members. Not Shown: Donna Purchase (Chair), Danita Doleman (Founder/Past President), Charlton Julien (Technology Specialist)

Board of Directors

Donna J. Purchase, Chair
Carole A. Mumin, Founder/President
Joyce A. Madyun, Treasurer
Reina Julien, Secretary
George Moment, Communications
Danita Doleman, Founder/Past President
The Late Kenneth W. Branch, Founder/Chair Emeritus
Dorothy S. Durden, Immediate Past Chair
Charlton Julien, Technology Specialist

Advisory Committee

Gina Baker, Accounting, Baker Financial Services, Inc.
Dr. Sharon Conn, Chief Academic Officer
Loren Danforth, BA, Human Resources
Priscilla Francis, UPO Retired Executive Director
Christina Holloway, Training Coordinator, Instructional Designer
Keenan Holloway, Software Developer
Dawn Jones, MA, Music Educator
Pierpont Mobley, MLS, Conflict Mediation, JPM Group, LLC
Ibrahim Mumin, Organizational Development Consultant
Dedra Owens, Social Media Developer, Dot Communications
Alexander Padro, Humanities Scholar, Shaw Mainstreets

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