Who We Are

The Organization for Training Others in Need (OFT/ON) is an award winning Washington, D.C. based nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Founded in 1992, OFT/ON’s mission is to provide programs and activities that encourage diverse artistic expression so that all citizens can experience the rich history and culture of America.

By offering progressive family-oriented educational and entertainment products, OFT/ON implements its mission. OFT/ON stages readings and full productions of plays written by or about African-Americans such as The Meeting, 1001 Black Inventions, Ghosts, Bogeymen and the Present, and its award-winning flagship production Where Eagles Fly which chronicles the rich history of the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, OFT/ON helps improve the economic and social status of disadvantaged youth and adults by providing training, counseling, coaching, and media organization to youth and adults. OFT/ON’s job readiness and life skills programs offer comprehensive professional and personal development workshops designed to strengthen academic, vocational/technical and social skills.

OFT/ON Board Members. Not Shown: Donna Purchase, Chair.

Board of Directors

Donna J. Purchase, Chair
Carole A. Mumin, Founder/Executive Director
Joyce A. Madyun, Treasurer
Reina Julien, Secretary
George Moment, Communications
The Late Kenneth W. Branch, Founder/Chair Emeritus
Dorothy S. Durden, Immediate Past Chair

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